WELCOME to the Atlantic City Pop Festival
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Welcome to the 40th Anniversary of the Atlantic City Pop Festival
“The Atlantic City Pop Festival was the best one of the two festivals I’ve ever played”, quoted by Doug Sahm. He didn’t mention what the other festival was. We put this festival online in 2004 and everyone was thrilled that we had jogged their memories to one of the best times they remembered. Sherry Winter, who was my secretary and girlfriend at our office, which was located at the Atlantic City Race Course. We were in touch with the Electric Factories officies in Philadelphia co-ordinating ticket sales, marketing, and promoting. We handled flyers (west coast name for, handbills) and Posters. I organized a team of high school kids to help give out flyers and put up Posters along the Black Horse Pike. We’d put the Posters high so people couldn’t get them easily. Still every few days some of the posters would be gone, and we’d replace them. The best place to put them was in a store that the owner would put them in back of the counter or taped to the inside of their windows. Usually you’d have to give the owner a couple of complimentary tickets, but; it was well worth it.
In 2004 I was speaking to Sherry and we were mesmerizing about the ac pop festival, and how much fun we had. I asked Sherry if she saved anything from the festival. I told her it was coming up to the 35th Anniversary and I thought the Festival was important enough for it to be included in the History of Rock and Roll, or at least have its own web site. The estimated attendance was 111,000 people and there were no
problems, with the exception of a large group of people trying to break in to the fences at the far end of the track. Security stopped most of the people quickly, and dispersed the crowd without any incidents.
Sherry, the pack rat that she is, had squirrled away some boxes that had enough promotion pictures and flyers to provide me with a good start. Once the site was up, people flooded us with emails, flyers, promotion pieces, all in all lots of great vibes and memorabilia too. Most of the colored pictures were provided by Peter Stupar then 15 years old, who started his career by conniving his way to the front of the crowd and getting some great pictures that he shared with us. He is now a Professional Photographer selling his photos for thousands of dollars. The first site has been down for over a year now due to circumstances beyond my control. I think you’ll enjoy the new site much more than the old site, at least I hope so.

The Atlantic City Pop Festival is considered The Stepping Stone to Woodstock, since it was 2 weeks before Woodstock; personally I feel that we were the precursor to the Woodstock event. I would think one of the producers heard that we were planning a big festival from the agents who booked the acts from which led one of the producers, since they don't remember whose idea it was to produce Woodstuck (so they said). That's my guess since we started booking before Woodstock and had plenty of time to pull it off; Plus we had a proper venue as well. The word was out; that's only my opinion. A lot of our attendees went Stepping Stoned right on up to Max Yasker’s Farm. The site where Woodstock was held. We are releasing after lots of work a new CD called "The best of The Atlantic City Pop Festival". This “CD is a mind mover that will take you back in time to 1969 and the top hits from 16 Artists who played the AC Pop Festival. This is truly a blast from the past. As soon as the site is up we will sell lots of the advertising pieces that we made for the Festival in 1969; thanks to Sherri Winter the little pack rat who found some boxes that she stored, after 33 years, and at my request she had discovered them, still in tack and needing some professional repair and painstaking work by some of the best artist’s and printer’s known by me. After we put up the 35th anniversary on the internet we received thousands of thank you’s for jogging peoples memories, flyers, throw outs (handbills), security and backstage passes and practically everything we had printed for the show. Thanks to Peter Stupar, who gave us most of the colored pictures he had taken. Thanks also to “The Great Chilean artist Christian Ortiz", whose Original Art of a lot of the Musicians will BLOW YOUR MINDS, and Jerry Dunn, my good buddy, for his Logo’s and superior design work and above all friendship. Two special thank you’s to Theresa Hall my Guardian Angel Nurse and her Great friend Daisy Duarte my Web Master and all the creative energy that, I hope will enthrall you, so you will spread the word about our website when we get it finished.

We have some beautiful new Posters, Flyers, Original paintings, Books, links to the musicians and a Newsletter that I will help publish. This upcoming August, 1st 2nd and 3rd will be the 40th Anniversary of the Atlantic City Pop Festival The Newsletter’s name is Time Flies (isn't that true). I’ll enjoy writing some articles and we’ll accept some of your memories and stories too.
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