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And everyone who went to the Atlantic City Pop Festival Please Read this Article about the Drug Epidemic that is happening now and what you can do to help. By: Sheldon ďShellyĒ Kaplan

Original Cofounder and President of HELP, the first self Help, Peer to Peer Agency and free clinic, with 33 lawyers and 25 Doctors (volunteers). Started in 1970 this Organization made its mark in the history of Rock and Roll and Drug Felons by releasing people on their own Recognizance when Judge Sidney Hoffman came upon a first time offender, he suggested that they see HELP whose people were in the courtroom. The program which was called the PIP Program and ROR Program together with help and ARDC (PIPís new name) these programs have, assisted over a million people in the years they have been open since the early 70ís. Mr. Kaplan wants to start another program ASAP, a fiscal sponsorship of The Commitment called E.A.D (Entertainers Against Drugs). He feels this program which would include Entertainers and music lovers can help 10 times, What help and the ARD have helped already Musicians would have to be honest and sometimes during their show or after, tell the truth about drugs. Youíd be surprised how many youths would listen to Chicago or the Chambers Brothers (Lester Chamber) if they told the truth about what good drugs have played in their lives, I know the answer because itís all bad.


The Atlantic City Pop Festival and the 2nd Stage of HELP

This time my work is cut out for me since thereís an Epidemic of youth thinking itís cool to smoke Cigarettes and pot and getting high before they go to a concert. Itís worse than the old days. Kids are trying marijuana at much younger ages now. Would not first in you to know this friend of mine, whose daughter is 7 years old was caught by their mother smoking marijuana, also another friend whose son was is was caught by his father who was really taken by surprise when pound the tips of some points on an unfinished toilet. Since we started in late 1969, Help award, the programs have helped over a million people and now I; set up the Commitment, as another phase of HELP. I feel it all happened for the good. Iím sure if you are a man with integrity youíd rather, Help all the people I did than be a selfish rich man. Getting back to doing well; thereís truly. Thereís a main reason I started this site and am writing this article, and itís because thereís an epidemic of youth now from the ages of 6, through 13 that I know there and itís going around the World Parents and the kidís think itís cool to smoke. For me it sure wasnít, I ended up with 3 Aneurysm operations and I still have one more that my, Doctor watches once or twice a year depending on how I feel, so it doesnít grow to the size Iíll need for a 4th operation. That proved to me that it really wasnít cool to smoke cigarettes, hash and marijuana, or do coke or any drug that could cause an Aneurysm. Dr. VC Smith who saved my life when one of my Aneurysms, Dissected (Broke) and I knew it came from smoking marijuana and cigarettes, and some cocaine when I had some extra money. Dr. Smith confirmed it in writing, when I asked him if all my aneurysms came from my smoking whatever I could in those hippie days. He agreed and said cocaine was even more harmful so letís figure this out; I started smoking at 33 and donít have too much time left at 73, but; how about the kids who start at 8, 10, 13. Theyíll die if they start at 13, 20 years earlier than I. So thatís why I put out The Best of Atlantic City Pop Festival Music C.D to Help the Commitment.Com and set up EAD, Entertainment Against Drugs to spread the word and try to help many more millions of kids who donít realize what harm they are doing to their health and lifespan and all you musicians who got into it during those drugs years which didnít help anyone, your group or the kids who loved you and worshipped your music. Surely you can help the youngsters who follow you now and tell them the truth about smoking and drug use. We are not making, much money on the CD yet, weíve sold 7 copies. Not much when youíre interested in helping to get enough money and publicity trying to start a worldwide nonprofit Corporation of Entertainers Against Drugs; but, nothing stopped me when I started HELP and nothing will stop me now. So the musicians on the CD can either sue me and my nonprofit organization The Commitment. Or, a better idea is to get on Board with me and help The Commitment start Entertainers Against Drugs.

My idea is to start Camp Commitment where kids could go if they signed a personal Commitment not to smoke cigarettes, marijuana, or do any illegal drugs without a prescription from a Dr. Use any halucigenics like LSD or designer drugs like ecstasy or PCP. If a camper is found doing any of these Banned substances, they will be removed from Camp and not allowed back in. The Camp will reach music, sports dance and site classes on acting. You can help by telling your audience at the end of your shows, what happened to your group or a member, by being into the drug scene and then reversing his direction. I only used one song (The best) off the groups I chose on Vol. 1 and if we can get EAD Entertainers Against Drugs going, weíll use the rest of the groups we left out on the 1st album and do Vol. II, with the Rest of the groups. Then they can decide if they want to be on the second album. I could not get to everyone to ask them if they would like to be on the 1st album, and I made lots of calls, sent emails, all to no avail, It was impossible thatís why I took the chance of fair use because of the Youth Drug Epidemic Iím not looking to get sued or rich, just Help a lot of young people. If you want to sue me thereís really no need to waste money. I will remove any groupís song from the CD. There is nothing, I have thatís of value; I live on my social security. Iím trying to do Good, so if you want your song Removed, no problem. Just let me know. Iíd really like you to sign up for Entertainers Against Drugs, most assuredly if you had someone in your group have a similar problem or worse than I had. (4Aneurisms.) I used to walk 3 miles at 5 AM every morning now I can walk about Ĺ Block with a cane up and back to my mailbox.

So if you believe in a super power, Iím sure I was spared to get a new and effective organization working with musicians and Entertainers. That will cut into the kids Drug scene and help turn it all around, so there is a drastic cut with kids that are using worldwide. Tell your audience you will be talking Against Drugs and they should leave instead of Booking or throwing things, that way youíre giving die hard druggies a chance to leave; and also the only people that will stay are the ones who are interested in what you have to say. Theyíll follow the musicians and other Entertainers they love and if those musicians tell them not start, they wonít, or to stop immediately, they will. You can be like the musician with his flute, who got rid of all the towns Rats, Play your music and tell them to make The Commitment and stop using street drugs. Entertain them into doing the right thing. The only value of drugs is in medicine and the new experiments for diseases. So for the sake of the youth from 6-17 and adults from 18-60, be a part of Entertainer Against Drugs, as a musician or music lover. Speak about what happened to your group from doing drugs or one persons problemís that affected the group. Your individual names will be shown; but, your email, address and phone will never be given out to anyone you have my word, so help me God. Itís not cool anymore to do Drugs. Many people found it out the hard way (like myself) so what about you musicians? Come out of the closet and tell these children that smoking isnít cool anymore (so many of your friends died and itíll just end their life earlier) Iíve got a website that is a part of the Commitment. Entertainers Against Drugs. Step up to the mike at one of your shows and tell these kids. Theyíll believe you because they followed you in 1969, and theyíll listen to you and follow in your steps today.

You were part of this epidemic of kids smoking, how about being a part of them stopping; register here if you took the time to read this article. Your email or phone is safe with me. Put your name (or groupís names down) with your email and phone number, and be a part of the solution. Emails and phones will remain with me personally (they will be stored away where only I can access them. Iím proud of my integrity I hope you believe in my goals as well and are willing to help.) If you are a non musician and love music there will be a place for you to sign too. Youíre either a musician (player) or lover of music (listener). Everyone can help to get the word out. Each musician who played The Atlantic City Pop festival will be on Volume 1 or Volume II. If you donít want to help just say so and your song will be removed. Help, through the programs it set up has assisted over a million people and it will continue. I put out the CD as a step in the right direction, to help set up EAD and to keep The Commitment running. Everyone who smokes should make The Commitment too, and HELP the new generations. Please join; there really is an Epidemic of youth smoking cigarettes, pot and abusing drugs. Help them, or theyíll die earlier than they would have, if they lead a clean life. I thank you for your time, reading this Article.


Attention: To all the great Atlantic City Pop Festival Musicians who played what is said to be; One of the best festivals ever, by many of the Entertainers, at the time of the festival, I was the co founder and President of the Electric Factory which produced the event. I was also owner and operator of The Showboat Jazz Theatre. I have put out a CD, The Best of the Music of the Atlantic City Pop Festival,Which every penny that is, made will be given to the Commitment. Helpís new Edition. I have received many poor tracks of music that were not used from the event, but if they had any quality were mixed in with the real music. The Commitment is the next Generation of Help which I put up the money for and co founded with my girl friend Sherri Winter. How HELP was started, was I decided that I Should call my friends and anyone interested was invited to hear me speak on ďWhat we need in PhillyĒ at the Showboat Jazz Theatre. I told the people who came to listen to me that I had seen an operation in England called Release, that was helping people get out of jail and some other things that involved the drug scene. Both Sherri and I felt that something similar should be done in the U.S.A, I the people who came listened to what I had to say, about what Sherri and I had seen in London and that we should do something similar in Philly. I said to stay after I was finished speaking about my idea of what was needed in Philly: and much to my surprise not many people left. That was the basic ground core we, needed to start a 24hour hotline for people to call if they were strung out on drugs or LSD, or needed a lawyer right away. I set up the nonprofit and called it HELP. Inc. Then I rented a place on Locust Street, got some paint donated and proceeded to set up Helps 1st office. Help started to receive thousands of calls the first few months and it, Became the most positive and happening thing in Philly. Sherri and I and some staff were written up in all the Philly papers and many of the major Magazines; it even spread to the front pages of the Wall Street, Journal and New York Times, Vogue and Mademoiselle, magazines. Within a few month we were offered a 2 story building around 23rd Street by The son of Friedmanís Auctions the organization was on its way to becoming a sensation in Philadelphia.

We had people going around town, and, Rittenhouse Square, a park in the center of town where a lot of the type of people that would use HELP, hung out, with cans collecting donations for HELP, until we got a $5,000 dollar donation from the band Chicago it came out to about a $715.00 Donation from each man. We were all pretty tight with Chicago and would hang around with them when they played Philly and werenít busy. I had them up to our farm in Bucks County and we Jammed all night until noon the next day, everyone that was there will remember that night for the rest of their lives. I spoke to Walter Pazaiderer (The lead singer of and also he had been with Chicago since the groups inception) we spoke recently and he told me they were talking about that night just a few days ago. It was truly a night to remember! The next big donation came from the Ford Foundation, a $10,000; donation then Hugh Hefner sent us a $10,000 donation when we were down to $9 in the check book; but, we kept on giving Help to who ever needed it. The organization was in existence on pure spirit; Mick Jaggerís group came to Help and offered me the money from the proceeds of the Altamonte Festival movie, if I would make a speech about the Movie, Jagger and the Stones. I told them Iíd let them know after I saw the movie opening. They gave me around 10 tickets and I took the people who worked the hardest at Help (they were working for $33.00/week at the time and thatís when I was down to $9. I saw the movie and it made me sick, Jagger hired the Hells Angels for his security. I saw the fear on his face when he was singing and then an argument broke out with one of the Hells Angels and a boy was stabbed to death by security. When the show ended they came up to me and asked me if I would make a speech about the Movie. When I saw the fear on Jaggerís face I could tell,

He was afraid for his own life. I told his men that they wouldnít like what I had to say if I spoke and I wouldnít take blood money. I thanked them for the offer and got up with all my friends and left, truthfully I felt it should have been Jagger that was stabbed. Maybe it was a rumor but I heard the Hellís Angels were thinking of putting an end to Jagger not that poor kid who got killed. I know some of the help people thought I was crazy not to Speak and wouldnít say it because we were down to no real money to pay the office staff; but, they stood by my decision. What happened next was pretty amazing. The next day Hugh Hefnerís check came in the mail for $10,000 dollars, incredible! That proved to me that HELP was being run by a positive spirit. I know I was right not to take Jaggerís blood money. In all the years I was at the Showboat and also The Electric Factory I never had a single fight, not at any concert I ever produced. Either, No one trusted The Agencies that were supposed to be helping the youth. For fear theyíd get turned into the DEA if they confessed they smoked pot. Practically all of them old Agencies could have closed since Help was the street peopleís agency; I left Help after I got it funded for 8 years with at $2.4 Million Dollars or $240,000/year Grand. Sherri and I broke up which caused me to leave Help in a good friends hands, who did a great job Michael Serlin. We had started many programs while I was there, The Runaway House and The program I am most proud of that we set up was with Arlen Specter, then District Attorney of Philadelphia and his friend Judge Sidney J Hoffman (now deceased). It was the 1st program of its kind anywhere and it was called PIP. Pre Indictment Probation. Arlen and Judge Hoffman were forward thinkers, and they came to us with the idea that they would release people on their own recognizance, if Help,

Would be in the courtroom. Then the Judge could release 1st time offenders and suggest They see Help, our people who sat in the courtroom was pointed out by the Judge, so the people being released would know where to go if they wanted Help. It was quite a coup since it got rid of many Court cases backlogs and did a Great Job in clearing The Judgeís schedule, so here I am around 40years later still promoting the domain of Atlantic City Pop Festival and The Commitment, through their Registration to me. To tell you all the truth; I need everyoneís Help, whether you came to the Festival or not. Itíll be hard to start without money and this time I can promote it; but, I canít support it, if all you people out there who read this article would send a dollar or maybe $25.00, (whatever you can afford in these tough times,) weíll get Entertainers Against Drug together, or Iíll die trying! Read my new book ďThe Untold Story of The Original Philadelphia Electric Factory. Itís an expose, or what they would say in the 6oís, ďA Real Blast.Ē

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